BookBub Review | Save TONS of Money on Ebooks ALL Year Long!


Today I want to share with you something that may sound like a scam.

Bear with me because it is absolutely not. If you love to read books and love having an E-reader, Nook, Kindle or whatever, keep reading.

Last year I discovered a website called BookBub. It is a site that lists all discounted/free e-books everyday. You have to create an account but it will work to your benefit. When you create your free account, it will ask what genres you like, what price points you want to see, and what service you use (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc). For example I set mine up to see books for $2.99 or less. After you do this then you are good to go. Every day you will receive an email (like the one pictured below) with books that fit your specifications.

My daily email of book deals

The only thing to keep in mind is that the deals typically last for that day only.

But I have had no problem with that; I will just check my email, click on the book I want and it will go straight to my Kindle. I have gotten so many free books, which has saved me so much money (super important for us frugal people or on a budget folks). Plus I have discovered new authors that I would have never discovered otherwise. I love that I can have free books to read all the time and fill my time with something other than tv shows. I get addicted to shows easily, so it is nice to have those books to keep me away from mindless television binge watching (all my Netflix watchers out there know what I mean).

For those of us that might be doing a spending freeze or just trying to spend less and save more in general, this is such a great resource to have in your back pocket. I look forward to that email everyday because it can hold a great book I wouldn’t know if I didn’t use BookBub. There are times where none of the books on the list pique my interest but that’s okay because it took me less than a minute to scan the email. I would say that minute is well worth the savings it can provide.

If you want to sign up go to  This is not an affiliate link, just wanted to share a great resource to all book lovers out there 🙂

Here is what the website looks like when you go to sign up:



Happy reading!


I would love to hear your thoughts!